Friday, May 30, 2014

Two Women killed In Home Invasion While On The Phone With 911 - Responding Officer Shot

Two Women killed In Home Invasion While On The Phone With 911 
Responding Officer Shot

One Officer
2 Women Shot

In Indianapolis


May 30, 2014 -  Neighbors, who were hearing screams, called the police in fear someone was in need of help.  Officer's were dispatched.  Greg Milburn, being the first officer on scene, exchanged gunfire with the suspect around 7 am.  

The suspect, Quintico Goolsby, was fatally shot by Milburn in the exchange, once he arrived about a minute after being dispatched to the call.  Milburn is said to be in good health and his injuries aren't life threatening.
During the investigation, 2 decease females were found, the victims of what looks like a home invasion attempt.  

The police have stated that the 2 women had hear the break-in,  and had called 911.  The caller was killed during that call for help.

When Seconds Count
Police Are Just A Minute Away

The wounded officer fired up to 5 rounds at the suspect, hitting his mark as the suspect was trying to flee the scene.  Quintico Goolsby succumbed to his injuries from the gunfight.  It is said the officers bullet proof vest saved his life.
Police also stated that the suspect knew the victims, but were unsure of the extent of the relationship.

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