Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wisconsin Police Chief Announces Unconstitutional Open Carry Ban Will Not Be Enforced

Wisconsin Police Chief Announces Unconstitutional  Open Carry Ban Will Not Be Enforced

How Far Would You Go To Protect Your Kids

One father's choice to protect himself and his children sparked such a reaction on Facebook that the local police chief had to get involved.  Heather Karenz of Oconomowoc Wisconsin, posted the above photo on Facebook along with her disdain for the 2nd Amendment, in my opinion, and a father's right to protect his children.  The Police Chief David Bequhn publicly announced that a local ordinance did prohibit open carry at the Imagination Station playground, but was quick to clear the record, when he realized that local ordinances do not and can not trump State law.  Once the Chief spoke to the City Attorney and read the State Law, he publicly announced his error, and has stated that the ordinance will not be enforced.

Many people just do not realize that the Supreme Court has already ruled that the police have NO DUTY to protect you.  It is each individuals duty and obligation to protect yourself.  There is a reignited push to restore the public's right to open carry for  defense of self and others.  Sparking a national debate on the rights of every person in this country.  In California, there is only one case working its way up the courts to repeal the open carry ban.  California is one of only a handful of States that have for the most part made helpless victims of most of it's population.