Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mother & Son Shot In Home Invasion, Father Returns Fire & Hits His Targets

Mother & Son Shot In Home Invasion
Father Returns Fire & Hits His Targets

Valdosta, GA.-  In June alone there has been an estimated 35 burglaries in Valdosta, a concerning spike for law enforcement.  To that list we add another home invasion attempt that turned into a gunfight around 11 pm, June 17th.

A mother and son were enjoying the evening when armed men broke through the front door of their home with a rifle and handgun demanding money.  The 15 year old son was shot in the leg and the mother the arm as she tried to get to the back of the home.  The father, who heard the commotion, armed himself and went to investigate and then engaged the suspects shooting both.  

The suspects fled the scene and in an attempt to distract called 911 themselves stating they had been in a different shooting and needed help.
"After hearing the commotion and gunfire, the father walked to the front room of the house with a handgun and shot both burglars multiple times. The men fled on foot, according to reports."

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