Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Man's Best Friend Takes Two Bullets For Family And Still Takes Bite Out Of Crime

"We Would Not Be Alive Today If It Weren't For Legend"

Photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
Tampa, Florida- When Damien Strickland went out to get items out of the trunk of his car, he noticed a group of four to five people walking towards him.  As he attempted to return inside he was hit from behind and reportedly dragged into his home in a home invasion attempt.

A struggle started just inside the home which led Strickland's girlfriend and mother to try to help.  The result was his mother held in a corner with a gun to her head and his 19 year old girlfriend getting knocked down, repeatedly kicked and tied up with duct tape.

It was then when one of their pets named Legend, a Mastiff mix of 7 months of age, came to their defense.  That is when the criminals fired two shots at Legend's head.  The young dog was not to be stopped though and it appears he was able to sink his teeth into one of the attackers, possibly in the hand.