Monday, July 20, 2015

Obama Administration Paints Targets On Civilians - No Uniforms At Work In Public

Defense Secretary Orders Recruiters To Not Wear Uniforms

I just came across an online post from MilitaryTimes that sent shivers down my spine.  In the article it states that Defense Secretary Ash Carter recently approved some new directives that he hopes will help keep our military safe on the job.  The no uniform idea stands out to me as the worst idea they could have hatched.  In my opinion the best answer would be something along the lines of allowing them arms for self defense.  I do not see how striping them from their uniform so they blend in with civilians makes things any safer, if anything it puts civilians at risk.

I can not help but think that this is just another way of demoralizing our military.  From purging our military leaders, to trying to disarm our military vets, is this just part of some larger agenda?

I am reminded of an armed forces comercial of Marines run to sounds of chaos.  It saddens me to realize that a Marine that has been trained and believes in that message would be stripped of not only their means to do what they have been trained to do, but of the tools and the uniform that to them is a badge of honor.  Now, without their uniform, if another event happens how many civilians will also be targeted?