Saturday, April 26, 2014

Just Another Week In San Clemente

I have had an interesting week for sure.  For one, I went on one of my walks downtown in San Clemente and sported my leather holster on my hip. I do this in protest to California's Open Carry ban, and i seam to get people curios as to why I have it IE conversation starter.  that gives me an opportunity to talk to them about the Bill of Rights, and in particular, the 2nd Amendment.

After a while an Orange County Sheriff spotted me and decided to ask his own questions.  Was a great conversation, although kind of one sided by me lol.  You can check out the video here;

later in the week, i noticed an orange County Sheriff talking to a suspect down an alley and decided to record what i could in case anything interesting happened.  It went pretty smooth and just when I thought it was over, the guy walks up to me and i think we are about to have in informed conversation.  Fat chance, he decides to show his view about the camera and myself, as the officer and myself just ask him to walk away.
I found it a little entertaining, as you might as well;

I have other videos, different topics, that I have made in fun posted here;

Tomorrow is Sunday, but alas, there is no football.  but I only have about 120 Sundays left to wait  :)