Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why I Think Government Keeps Pushing For Universal Back Ground Checks In The USA

Do you have an opinion on universal background checks?  I hope so.  Whatever side of the fence you find yourself on is your choice.  I would ask you though to keep one thing in mind.  This country was founded on the principle that every single human being is born with certain rights.  These rights were so important the our founding fathers that the Bill Of Rights was drafted into our Constitution.  They are human birth rights not granted by government and can not be taken away by government.  Alas, a lot of people today take their rights for granted, while others seem to not even have a clue.  They are destined to believe what ever the government says is fact.  Well I have a fact for you, be sure to pay attention.

In Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal signed Georgia’s House Bill 60.  Also known as the "Guns Everywhere" Bill.  but I would like to point out and draw your attention to one certain provision of the new law that is truly relevant to "Universal Background Checks".  

If a "felon" uses a gun for self defense, that "felon" can not be charged for the use of the firearm.  To my understanding, he can not be charged with having the gun at all if used in defense of self.  I know what you are thinking.. Wait... What???  Felons can not buy guns!  And you would be right, they can not go into a store and pass the "background check"  He must get it through other means like a private sale.

Do you see the problem here.  Everyone has the right to have a gun for self defense, and government can make no "legal" laws abolishing that right from a person.  That would be where the "Universal Background Checks" comes into play.  They want to make a law that says in the USA, if you want to buy a gun, you MUST have a  "Universal Background Check".  Knowing full well that people, and yes even felons, have a constitutional right to own a gun for self defense.

In any event, criminals are criminal because they do not follow the laws.  So it boggles the mind why people believe passing more laws will stop criminals from NOT breaking the law.  Even if those laws end up being unconstitutional.