Thursday, May 29, 2014

Armed Robbery Suspect Shoots It Out With U.S. Marine

Armed Robbery Suspect Shoots It Out With U.S. Marine
Ya, This Should End Well

One Suspect Deceased 
Accomplice In Custody

Harris County Texas - On March 29th, during lunch hour, while a U.S. Marine was having lunch at the local sandwich shop, two men attempted an armed robbery of the Game Stop next door.  The Marine had noticed the men wearing hoodies and bandannas.  The 28 year old Marine is a concealed handgun license holder, and from what I gather the suspect in the get away car pointed a weapon at the Marine.

Photo: ABC13
3 schools put on lock down
during search for 2nd suspect
Eventually found

The Marine was not hit in the exchange of gunfire, although he hit his mark and wounded the armed suspect, who died at the scene. 

Photo: ABC13
 One of the neighbors from the area, Kris Martin told reporters "this is our neighborhood, and I just want to say thank you.  My kids go to that Game Stop and it could have been anyone's child."

Source: ABC13