Monday, May 19, 2014

Chipotle Goes Anti Second Amendment

Chipotle Goes Anti Second Amendment
Chooses to Make Customers helpless victims

Have you ever had a real bad craving?  The type were the item craved is all you can think about?  I know i have, i did just the other day.  And when I was off work and on my way home what did I do, you guessed it, I stopped and satisfied my craving.  Now it seems like I will just have to quit cold turkey and deal with my cravings demond.

What was the thing I wanted so bad you may be asking yourself.  Well I actually think you already can tell by the headline of this post.  Yes indeed, I was craving Chipotle.  And now I must say goodby!

You see the simple fact of it is, Chipotle has always went along with State laws and has tried to accommodate their customers, and not get involved in political agendas, or the whims of people with irrational fears.  That has all changed now that they have asked law abiding gun owners, that wanted to be ready to defend innocent lives if the need ever showed itself, to possibly become helpless customers.  The sad part is, now any customer visiting any of their stores that has no ill intent, could become, and will become helpless victims if and when a criminal decides he wants a safe easy target.  I refuse to be helpless!

One may ask me "Why do you need your firearm?  Are you expecting trouble?"  My answer is always the same.  I just ask them back, "Does your home have a smoke detector?  Why?  Are you expecting a fire?"
I have as of yet, never had to say more.
In a statement Monday, the company said that "the display of firearms in our restaurants has now created an environment that is potentially intimidating or uncomfortable for many of our customers."

It did not take long once the word got out for customers to start voicing their opinions on the company's Facebook page.  Personally, I will never support a company that does not keep a neutral stance on any heated topic.

Now the only thing I wonder is, how long will it take for a criminal to take advantage of the situation!

Now I leave you with a wonderful quote from JFK