Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Welcome To The Police State America, Aurora Police Violate Rights

Colorado Police Grossly Violate Fourth Amendment Rights By The Dozen

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On June 2, 2012 there was a robbery at the Wells Fargo in Aurora.  the alleged suspect, Christian Paetsch, was reported as leaving the scene not only with a bundle of cold hard cash, but a GPS tracker as well.  Although the police could not pinpoint exactly which vehicle the signal was coming from, they were able to pinpoint it to a street intersection.  So with numerous cars and trucks at the intersection, and no way of knowing which vehicle had the suspect and GPS inside, what were the police to do?  And do the ends justify the means?  Now i would be thrilled to tell you that the police handled the situation within the boundaries of the Bill Of Rights & the US Constitution, but sadly, that did not happen.

The police proceeded to blockade the intersection and trap a lot of law abiding citizens in an area with no choice but to sit tight and wait.  One would think the police would have some type of vehicle description or even knowledge of what the suspect was wearing, and wrap things up quick.  i can tell you right now that did not happen, and there was nothing quick about it.

One vehicle at a time was emptied, and the people inside extracted and handcuffed at gunpoint and corralled into a guarded area while police searched the insides of every car, truck and van.  The only thing left, that was not done was to bar-code everyone and take DNA samples while they issued full body cavity searches.  I still find it amazing that no one was killed in this unconstitutional police action.  This reminds me of the house to house gun search and confiscation that took place after Katrina hit New Orleans.

Now keep in mind that after the suspect was found and arrested, and a money strap was found in the vehicle, the police continued pulling out other drivers and searching other vehicles "without consent" to fully take advantage of the situation.  the police additionally refused to allow anyone to leave the area hours after the suspect was found.  Did these officers not take an Oath to the Constitution of the United States?  Did they just say the words to get their jobs, and do they fully understand what that Oath meant?  I seriously doubt it.!

Personally, I would have no problem with a casual conversation with an officer in this type of situation, but I would not stand or comply to pulling me out of my truck with a shotgun at my face, and searching my truck without probable cause or a warrant.  I am glad I was not there, because i would have stood my Constitutional ground and probably would have ended up six feet under.  The sad part is, if that had happened to anyone there, nothing would have come of it.


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