Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Criminals Always Follow The Rules.... NOT! Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Criminals Always Follow The Rules..NOT! 
Stupid Is As Stupid Does

First let me start out by making it clear, that I have always been a huge fan of the peoples right to defend their life, liberty and family from any and all harm that may one day cross their paths.  Even more so when I had heard that the Supreme Court had ruled that the police have NO duty to protect any one individual, and it is everyones responsibility to protect themself.  I do not blame the court for that, it only makes sense when you think about it.  The police can not be everywhere at the same time.  With all the budget cuts, and cutbacks, I am surprised that donut shops are still open for business.
So do not hold a grudge with the police if you or a loved one are ever in need of help, and by the time they get there something bad happened.  After all, it is not their fault and they have no liability. Counties and States would all go bankrupt if people could win lawsuits due to the police not being able to arrive in time.  People though, need someone to sue.  After all someone has to pay up for the pain caused by a criminal.  Most criminals though,  have no assets, so who is going to pay off the victims and the medical or funeral costs?  Well that is where this little sign comes into play.

You see, when a business or company posts a sign, they take responsibility for your safety.  For their employees, that may just mean workers compensation insurance may eventually take a hit.
For the customer however, there are more lawyers than you can shake a stick at just ready to chase you in that ambulance wanting to represent you for a nice payday.  After all, the business made you a sitting duck, and unless they tried to fulfill their obligation by hiring guards, they may be in a world of hurt.

Criminals Do Not Care About Laws Or A Sign!

 Anyone that believes that a criminal, or person of ill intent,  will see a sign and decide not to commit a crime is extremely dilutional in my opinion.  After all they call them criminals for a reason.  I am starting to think this is some type of slow and steady population control, since it does not seem logical to force a person, or a family, to be sitting ducks to the criminals at large.  Do people believe that if only the criminals have weapons, they will not kill anyone?  Just google "clerk shot in robbery" and I bet  you will find more stories of unarmed workers harmed or killed than you are willing to read.  Until people are unlucky enough to find themselves in that bad position, some just will never understand.  Just like Sherri Shepherd on the View, when she found herself defenceless and her child scared, she had her awakening.

Sherri Shepherd was never interested in firearms before, as far as I know she was probably a supporter of the "Gun Free Zones"   What I do know, is that she now understands why people want to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones.

The Smart Criminal
Businesses that have come out recently to state that they would rather not have customers armed have seen robberies shortly after making it public.  
Not long after September 18th 2013, when Starbucks made it's position known to customers to leave their guns at home, there was an armed robbery in one of their stores in December. 
In a town called Durham a restaurant called The Pit was robbed at gunpoint even though they had posted a sign telling patrons and criminals that weapons were not welcome inside.

Use your brains, it is not just for zombies anymore!
A smart person or a rational person just needs to look where the majority of these "mass shootings" in recent years have been taking place, and it should occur to them that a "gun free zone" is nothing more than a "helpless victim zone".  If the local, State or Federal Government wants to "ban" anything, it should be the killing zones known as "gun free zones".  The stupidity involved in thinking that a sign is going to protect you from harm, and do anything but get you or your loved one killed is lunacy! 
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