Saturday, May 10, 2014

In This Age Of Technology Are Headphones The Grim Reaper

In This Age Of Technology Are Headphones The Grim Reaper

The Silent Killer

If you are waiting for the zombie apocalypse, it has been here for quite some time.  Every day I see random people who never seem to amaze me by their ignorance or their thoughts of invincibility. Either that, or people are just even more stupid than one could imagine.   Even before the smart phone, there came Ipods and Mp3 players, and before that was the Walkman.  As the technology grew more advanced, so did the average set of headphones.  From earbuds to new and improved noise canceling headphones, people seem to be quite content risking their lives for the sounds of music.  

Now add the trance of the sounds to the smart phones and videos and games, and you just may end up with the electronic zombie syndrome.

Back on April 27th, in San Diego, a twenty four year old man, will never get the chance to learn from his mistake.  As he exited the trolley and crossed the tracks, he did not hear the train as it approached.  Eyes glued to his hand held screen, by the time he noticed the train it was to late. 
 Video Below

I hope anyone who finds this Blog, will share it with their loved ones, in the hope that it opens their eyes to the dangers we all face every day.