Saturday, May 24, 2014

Is The U.S. Government Brainwashing Our Children Through Schools Changing Gun Culture And Freedom

Is The U.S. Government Brainwashing Our Children Through Schools Changing Gun Culture And Freedom

From Demonizing Guns To RF-ID Chip Implants

Who could possibly ever forget Josh Welch, the eight year old that was suspended from school for his gun shaped pop tart.  Did you know that there is now a bill in Florida aimed at making it illegal for schools to discipline a child for gun related playtime.

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Let us not also forget Jordan Bennett, who a school suspended for a day.  All because the eight year old played cops and robbers at school and used a finger as a simulated gun.  Oh, what horror!  What, no pencils in this school?

Oh wait.. We have that too!

Christoper Marshall was one of 2 young boys suspended for playing Marines at school and pointed pencils at each other.  Christopher's father was quoted saying he believed the school over reacted & refused to punish him.

What ever happened to just cloud watching for shapes?
Oh wait.. We have that too!

When a class assignment was to draw what you see in the clouds, Cody Smith just drew what he noticed.  Is it his fault Mother Nature made a cloud gun?  Punish her!
When this young Colorado student turned in his assignment, the second grader was chastised and called into the office.  The teacher went so far as to write up a behavior report, but the school claims it will not go into his permanent record.

The Truly Terrifying Part 

It just seems that every week you hear of a child getting in trouble for some idiotic reason pertaining to playtime and guns.  Should I dare say that i think schools are trying to teach kids that firearms have no place in society?  
Are they giving children the impression that firearms are evil and bad objects and they would be better off without them in their lives. 
Something to the effect of, since children are the future, when they get older they will not care for them in society.  Should I go so far as to say a future gun ban?


The 2A does NOT state that guns have to be REGISTERED!

Here Comes The RF-ID implanted Chip

Did we not fight a war against a country that thought it was a good idea to tattoo
identification numbers on people? 

Two San Antonio Schools Have kids Wear RFID Implanted 
ID Cards

I can guess what you are thinking, a card is not an implant or a tattoo, and you would be right.  But look at what history teaches us. things happen and change gradually.  getting kids use to RF-ID chips now, may make it easier to implant in the future.

Just Ask Yourself
Will I Tolerate this?

NBC Predicts RF-ID Implants Normal By 2017