Monday, June 16, 2014

How Not To Act When You Open Carry

How Not To Act When You Open Carry
63 year old Open Carry Advocate
Acts A Fool After Jaywalking

Joesph Housman made quite a spectacle of himself during a walk with his unloaded rifle in Kalamazoo Michigan.  Due to a few calls by concerned citizens police responded to what they thought was going to be a routine open carry incident.  What the saw and witnessed instead is something even i wish I could scrub from my memory.  The lead officer repeatedly tried to explain to Mr. Housman that he was concerned about his antics and not the gun that he was carrying, but did ask him to set it down so he could walk over and speak with him.  He also tried to explain that he had committed a jaywalking offence and that is why he needed to ID him, not because of the firearm.  On several occasions Mr. Housman can be seen in the video grabbing his genitals and cussing at the officer.  At one point the suspect goes far enough to ask the officers "Why don't you just shoot me?"