Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ex-Boyfriend Breaks Into Woman's Home In Anger, Shootout Erupts With Teenage Son

Street Sign Tells The Story

Breaks Into Woman's Home In Anger
 Shootout Erupts With Teenage Son
Video Bellow

Police officers arriving to the scene of a domestic violence report were greeted with the sounds of gunfire as a shootout between a teenager and his mothers estranged ex-boyfriend took place.  Once the police made entry into the home, they found the body of the intruder dead on the floor.
A police investigation found that the deceased intruder, Brian Davidson had unlawfully gained entry into the home in an attempt to harm 46 year old Shawna Brush.  Her 18 year old son Conner Brush in defense of his mother, armed and confronted the suspect and ultimately exchanged gunfire with Davidson hitting him once, the initial report states the suspect then shot himself.  It is unknown at this time which bullet was the fatal shot.

The couple had been together for over 10 years with two children, there were several incidents of domestic violence reports between the family and the deceased had recently been bonded out of jail on a related domestic violence charge.  This is another case of a good guy with a firearm, ending the attack of a criminal with a firearm.  I applaud this young mans bravery and courage in putting his life in danger to protect someone he loves.  Had the young man NOT BEEN ARMED, this would most likely have ended different with a possible double homicide with a suspect at large or a suspect suicide.

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