Saturday, July 5, 2014

Neighbor Grabs Gun And Not Phone When 60 Year Old Is Robbed And Beaten By 3 Men

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Neighbor Grabs Gun And Not Phone When 60 Year Old Is Robbed And Beaten By 3 Men

Reading PA- It was back on June 27th when a neighborhood was shaken up by two criminal acts against a 60 year old resident that took place just hours apart.  The man was accosted by a suspect who took his keys and jewelry while in front of his residence.  When a police report was filed and a warrant was issued for the suspect, he came back to threaten the victim if he did not get the issue dropped by the police.  When the suspect did not get what he wanted, he and two others proceeded with beating the elderly man.

When a neighbor saw what was happening he jumped to action, but instead of grabbing his phone to call police, he grabbed his firearm knowing seconds may count.  The neighbor yelled at the attackers to stop their assault on the elderly victim, and when they ignored his demand he fired at the main attacker striking him in the chest causing the men to flee.  
Two suspects, one of which was wounded raced to the hospital driving so erratic it caught the attention of the police when they drove the wrong way on a one way street.  A short chase ensued until the car arrived at the hospital where the uninjured suspect was taken into custody, and the suspect shot died of his injury.

The shooter spoke to authorities at city hall, and as long as the autopsy results confirm the statements made by witnesses, no charges should be filed.

Source- 69 News 
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