Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gas Station Attendant Alive After Gunfight For Life Against 3 Armed Suspects

Would You Rather Die, Or Fight To live?


CANTON, OH-  The men wearing hooded sweatshirts had ill intent when they walked up and entered a Marathon gas station monday night.  All Three suspects were armed in an attempted robbery that did not go the way they must have planned it.  From the video it looks like two of the suspects Antonio Garcia 23 & Ronnie Lawson 21, got into a struggle with the armed employee who carried his firearm for self defense but never had a need to use it other than target practice before.
The clerk was eventually shot in the hip and leg in the gunfight but succeeded in shooting and killing his attackers as he fought for his life.  The third suspect engaged him from outside and in the video it looks like he was hit and wounded as he scurried away on his belly.  I can only hope his decaying body is found in a gutter somewhere, so the law abiding tax payers get a break from an expensive trial and incarceration  I am happy to say the clerk is doing well.