Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Guns Vs Fire Extinguishers, Why Having One Does Not Make You Paranoid, Just Prepared

Being Prepared Does Not Make One Paranoid
Real Parents Are Ready To Protect

I am sure most of you reading this like me have heard people that do not like firearms ask the question "Why do you need a gun?" And that question is usually followed up by claims that gun owners are just paranoid.  The simple fact that a lot of gun owners carry their firearms "just in case" seems to go right over their heads and to some must be a foreign thought.  People do things "just in case" all the time.  From saving money for a rainy day, to buying life insurance to provide for their family, to having smoke detectors in there home.

I would be willing to bet that everyone who reads this either has a smoke detector in their residence or at the very least a fire extinguisher.  I would like to ask some people why they need a fire extinguisher, the only use for them are putting out fires.  Are you expecting a fire?   I would like to quote FEMA, and how they view being prepared for a fire in your home.

"Protecting your family from fire requires advance planning for what to do if fire strikes. This includes the use of protective devices, usually smoke alarms, to provide early warning of fire, especially at night when they are most vulnerable. However, depending on the size and layout of your home and the characteristics of your family, you may need to do more to assure their safety"

What do you think?  
Does being prepared make one PARANOID?