Monday, August 18, 2014

Carjacker Shot And Killed By Neighborhood Watch

Carjacker Shot And Killed By Neighborhood Watch 


PHOENIX-  It was around 3:30 pm when a woman in her 60's arrived home and pulled her SUV into her driveway.  As she was about to exit her vehicle, a man appeared and asked to use her phone.  When she refused the request she was forced out f the SUV and thrown to the ground.  Two neighbors who had seen her pull into her driveway and saw the man walking up to her car had a bad feeling and decided to go see what was going on.  The husband and wife duo did not take anything for granted and the husband grabbed his sidearm.  

Once the carjacker gained entry into the SUV, the neighbor, the wife, went for the passenger door but was hit as the suspect attempted to drive away.  In fear for his wife's safety, the husband pulled his weapon and fired, striking the suspect who ended up crashing the SUV after driving a few blocks away.

SOURCE - azfamily.com