Friday, October 31, 2014

Elderly 71 Year Old Man Pulls Out His Gun After Wife Assaulted And Robbed

Elderly Fights back Against Crime


DALLAS-  On October 28th around 7:20 pm, when an elderly couple was returning to their car, Mike Carmillio (36) walked up to them.  Carmillio then proceeded to grab the woman's necklace and push her to the ground in an attempt to take more than just the necklace.  Her husband, a concealed carry license holder, came to her defence and as the attacker ran to a car he open fired.

Carmillio started to drive off, but did not make it very far as he succumbed to his wounds.  Police are calling it a justified shooting as in Texas it is legal to use deadly force to stop a robbery and recover your property immediately during the attempt if it is the only way you can get the property back at that moment in time.  This just goes to show thugs, that you may be faster than the elderly, but you can not outrun a bullet.  The case will be presented to a grand jury, but authorities do not think any charges will be filed.  I for one hope they are correct.