Thursday, November 20, 2014

California Has An Open Carry Ban? Oh Ya, Just Watch Me!!

Licensed Hunters Are Exempt From

ORANGE COUNTY CA-  Yes, California has a lot of gun laws and restriction, but if you research the laws you never know what you might find.  For the record, I am a licensed hunter, and pc26350 does ban unloaded open carry of a handgun in public.  What most do not realize is the law has a long list of exemptions that nullify pc26350.  One of those exemptions is PC26366.

PC26350. (a) (1) A person is guilty of openly carrying an unloaded
handgun when that person carries upon his or her person an exposed
and unloaded handgun
PC26366. Section 26350 does not apply to, or affect, the open
carrying of an unloaded handgun by a licensed hunter while engaged in
hunting or while transporting that handgun when  
Going to or returning from that hunting expedition
On November 25th I WILL open carry in California!
DISCLAIMER- I am not a lawyer, and this post is in NO WAY legal advise!