Sunday, December 7, 2014

Texas Officer Caught On Camera Trying To Delete Video Of Unlawful Arrest For Open Carry

Texas Cop Violates 1st, 2nd, & 4th Amendments To US Constitution In Seconds

HOUSTON, TEXAS-  On December 6th around 12:30, a man engaged in his First Amendment & Second Amendment Rights was stopped by police who immediately demanded his identification.

The individual, or at that point "suspect", stated that he did not have his identification with him.  After all, this is not Nazi Germany, and unless you are suspected of breaking a law there is NO probable cause to produce identification.

The officer than violated the man's rights by arresting the man, placed him in handcuffs, searched him without cause, disarmed him, and stuffed him in a cage in the back of a vehicle

Knowing that the man was videoing the encounter, the officer states he is going to take the phone and delete the video and did attempt to do so.  

 "I saw two different officers go through my phone while I was in the back of the patrol car."

The Suspect asked for a Sargent, and it seems that once he arrived the man was released.  I for one found this officer's actions a serious violation of Civil Rights, I can only hope he becomes unemployed before he ends up harming a person to the point of it getting terminal. 

An anonymous HPD office has contacted Open Carry Texas with a personal statement as follows

Sir. You don't know me but I am a Houston Police Officer. My comment here is in no way official or a representation of the department, I wanted to apologize for the conduct of the officer I just watched on the video with one of the OCT people. The officer, in my opinion was way out of line. I know that it does not make it better for the person who had this happen to him. I can only hope that the chief does the right thing. I promise you that that officer is not indicative of the majority of us.