Sunday, December 28, 2014

Can A Constitutional Sheriff Department Learn From A City Police Force About Civil Rights

How Different Entities Reacted In The Same

The Constitutional Sheriff -  Did you know that your local County Sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer in their county?  Yes, when it comes to the law the buck is suppose to stop with the Sheriff.  Any outside agency that enters a county in the performance of law enforcement plays second fiddle to the County Sheriff.  Well that is the way it is suppose to work anyways.

With more and more Americans growing more weary of the ever increasing size and reach of the Federal Government, the County Sheriff is suppose to be a safeguard that stands between the feds and the people to secure the peoples rights and liberty.  I think a lot of Sheriffs have lost touch.

I quote Thomas E. Woods jr, an American historian and political analyst-

An example of a state challenge to federal power is the Sheriffs First initiative. that states, with few exceptions, that it would be a State crime for a federal law enforcement official to make an arrest or engage with any search and seizure without first getting permission from the local sheriff.  

I recently conducted two different First Amendment tests in different cities in Orange County.  The first was in Aliso Viejo where I took pictures and video from public property near City Hall and an Orange County Sheriff station well within my First Amendment right to do so.  It was my hope that I would take a few shots and leave with little or no interactions with any public officials, but I would not shy away from a conversation if one occurred either.

About a week later I conducted another First Amendment test in the city of Laguna Beach where they use a city police department.  After the welcome I received from the Orange County Sheriff in Aliso Viejo, I was a little nervous of how a police department would act in comparison.  I was shocked!

I assumed if either agency was going to have an issue with an independent journalist, it was going to be a local police department and not a County Sheriff.  To my surprise the opposite occurred.  

Below are two videos of the encounters in both cities, take from them what you will and come to your own conclusions.  I for one would like to thank Laguna Beach Police Department for their professionalism, and not seeing someone taking videos and pictures as some type of threat.