Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Stupidity Of "Gun Free Zones" And The Georgia Shooting At FedEx

(Reuters) - "A FedEx Corp package handler armed with a shotgun opened fire at a shipping facility in suburban Atlanta early on Tuesday, injuring six people before killing himself, apparently with his own weapon, police and hospital officials said."

Once again we find ourselves hearing of a tragic event some where in this country.  In this case we have the state of Georgia.  Where a possibly disgruntled employee may have decided to cause harm to a supervisor and anyone else he came across.  I find myself thinking, I bet they blame the shotgun and how long will it take for the anti gun crowds to start yelling, "We need to ban shotguns!"  
Am I missing something here?  Have I connected the dots the right way?
I find myself asking these questions every time I hear of a shooting and the first thing I look at is where it happened.  To me it seems that the dots I connect, in regards to these shootings, all have one thing in common.  They happened in a "Gun Free Zone"
I just do not understand why people believe that just because they put up a sign, people of ill intent will obey.  If someone is inclined to cause bodily harm to another, and are not of the right mind to stop themselves from doing so, what makes you believe a sign is going to snap them out of their trance and goal.

And once again we are reminded of the travesty of "Gun Free Zones" and forcing people to be helpless victims or fish in a barrel in the eyes of what I would consider a "Mad Man"
Personally, I hope that the victims of this shooting, band together and sue FedEx for millions, as FedEx in making a "Gun Free Zone" took responsibility for the safety of it's employees and failed miserably in my opinion.