Friday, May 2, 2014

Bruno The K-9 Officer To Go Home

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 "Bruno, the Anaheim police dog shot in the face during a confrontation with an armed suspect, will go home Friday after weeks of medical treatment."

On March 20th, in the performance of his duties, the K-9 Officer Bruno was shot by a suspect and bravely took the rounds that might have been meant for his handler.  Bruno suffered a shattered jaw and damaged lung when the gunman opened fired.

I am sure there are a lot of people that have bad experiences with officers through out their life, and some may have a strong negative feeling or even a hatred towards the police.  I for one will never blame or hate a dog that is only doing what it is trained to do, and that lacks the moral thoughts that distinguishes right from wrong.

Humans on the other hand, can tell the difference between right from wrong when dealing with the public.  Although it is my opinion that some just choose to think of people as an arrest or a ticket that walks.  I believe some feel that their badge and costume grants them extra rights, and that they are the masters, and we the people are the servants.

With the ever increasing public with smart phones and cameras, new YouTube videos showing what some would believe as excessive force seem to be uploaded on a daily basis.  Even I have started to think that the people of this country have let local police and sheriffs get away with criminal acts.

Bruno, I am very happy that you made it through your ordeal.  I do not blame you for any actions while on the job and wish you well in your retirement.  To officers like the ones that beat and killed Kelly Thomas, or any other of the countless aggressors of police brutality, I would like to remind you that karma can be a B**CH!

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