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Sharia Law In The US - How I Fear It Will Creep It's Way In

Sharia Law In The US
How I Fear It Will Creep It's Way In

Mention Sharia law to the average person on the street, and you would probably hear them reply "What is that".  It seems to me the average person has no clue on what in fact it is.  Others may say they have heard of it but just recognise the name and that is all.  Before I get into how I feel Sharia will slowly work it's way into our family courts, and then our criminal courts, lets take a brief look at Sharia law basics. 

According to the Sharia law:

•  Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand (above).
•  Criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death.
•  Criticizing or denying Muhammad is a prophet is punishable by death.
•  Criticizing or denying Allah, the moon god of Islam is punishable by death.
•  A Muslim who becomes a non-Muslim is punishable by death.
•  A non-Muslim who leads a Muslim away from Islam is punishable by death.
•  A non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman is punishable by death.
•  A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.

•  Girls' clitoris should be cut 
•  A woman can have 1 husband, but a man can have up to 4 wives; 
•  A man can unilaterally divorce his wife but a woman needs her husband's consent to divorce.
•  A man can beat his wife for insubordination. (ABOUT TO BE HEARD IN COURTS NOW!)
•  Testimonies of four male witnesses are required to prove rape against a woman.
•  A woman who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).
•  A woman's testimony in court, allowed only in property cases, carries half the weight of a man's.
•  A female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits.
•  A woman cannot drive a car, as it leads to fitnah (upheaval).
•  A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.
•  Meat to be eaten must come from animals that have been sacrificed to Allah 
•  Muslims should engage in Taqiyya and lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam.


In 2000, the Republican National Convention became the first American presidential convention to open with a Muslim prayer

 In 2007, the Quran for the first time was used to swear into office a new US Congressman

Court cases involving conflicts between Sharia and civil laws are spreading in America. Many states are passing laws banning the use of Sharia law in court but are being challenged in court by Muslim groups that also campaign against politicians who sponsor and/or support such laws.

It is my belief, that Sharia law will continue to creep into the US courts, and in doing so establish precedents.
Some may say "That can never happen here in America".  I believe it has already started and will continue, in my opinion, to keep growing like a cancer.

Muslim taxi drivers have been challenging local authorities, to have the right not to pick up blind passengers with seeing-eye dogs. While Muslim supermarket cashiers are challenging their employers for the right to refuse to sell products from pigs. Both are considered unclean.

A federal judge in California ruled that clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch Co.discriminated against a Muslim employee on religious grounds.   The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said. The lawsuit was filed by the EEOC in 2011 on behalf of Umme-Hani Khan.  A Muslim who was fired in February 2010 because her head scarf didn't conform to the company's dress code called its "Look Policy." I read that Abercrombie in 2004 paid a $40 million settlement to minority and female plaintiffs.

Now there is a criminal case in Arizona:


Police say a valley man threatened to kill his wife, telling his victim "Islamic Law" gave him the right to kill her.Ansar Muhammad, 43, is facing several charges, including assault and imprisonment.

According to the police report, on April 26, Muhammad sexually assaulted the victim, held her against her will while threatening to kill her, punched and strangulated her, causing physical injuries

 "I fear that courts will eventually let in Sharia law, as it creeps in   the backdoor of our judicial system"

Support for such bans has come from the highest political spheres. Reagan’s dire speach on communism.  Warnings of a looming Islamic takeover, have come from Republicans running for president.

“I believe Sharia is a mortal threat to the survival of freedom in the United States and in the world as we know it,” 
Newt Gingrich said in July 2010.

“must be resisted across the United States,”

“attempt to gradually ease Sharia law and the Muslim faith into our government.”

There was a case involving Exxon Mobil and a Saudi oil company.  In  2003, the parties had agreed as part of a commercial transaction that Saudi law would govern any potential disputes. 

After the Saudi company sued its former business partner, Exxon Mobil, the Delaware Superior Court heard testimony on Saudi law, which applies traditional Sharia, and the judge instructed the jury to base its decision accordingly. The verdict, in favor of Exxon Mobil and against the Saudi firm, returned around $400 million .
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