Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On The Job Poaching -One Time Colorado Officer Found Guilty On 4 Felonies For killing Downtown Elk

Officer Found Guilty -Plotted Kill & Used His Badge To Cover It Up

Big Boy

Boulder's beloved "Big Boy" Slain
For Trophy

The Residents of Boulder who were outraged, over the killing of a trophy elk, wanted justice for the bull's execution and they may get it.  Sam Carter was found guilty on nine counts, which includes 4 felonies, after a week long trial.

Prosecutors had claimed that Carter had planned out the killing, shot the trophy elk in a residential area & never reported the shooting of his weapon.  Once pictures of the elk surfaced, questions were asked and an investigation started.  Carter then claimed the bull needed to be put down because it had sustained injuries.  Apparently text messages showed it was all a premeditated killing.

It only took a jury a few hours to find Carter guilty.  As a felon he is no longer able to continue any employment in the field of police work.  I doubt he could get a Guard  card for a security job now.  He is now the proud owner of a class 4 felony, one class 5 felony and 2 counts of class 6 felony.
Sentencing will be August 29th.

Jessica Sandler, a Boulder resident was asked for an opinion and stated;

"It is so rare for an animal to get any semblance of justice in our court system, though we'd much rather have the elk back alive, hopefully a lying and corrupt cop will be going to jail for betraying the public trust in such an egregious fashion."