Sunday, August 10, 2014

14 Year Old Thug Wannabe Shoots 43 Year Old Man Who Then Returns Fire

Live By The Gun, Die By The Gun

Davion D. Smith- DECEASED
Wednesday, August 6th
A shootout erupted around 8 pm Wednesday night when a 14 year old and an older man who allegedly accused the 14 year old of burglarizing his home.  That must not have sat well with the thug wannabe, and might have been the reason he walked up to the area where Virgis Canteen was with two unidentified suspects, with a pistol, and open fired striking Canteen in the upper extremities.
Once Canteen was stuck by the attack, he pulled out his own pistol and returned fire hitting his target several times.  The 14 year old assailant was pronounced dead at 8:25 pm at Lakeland Regional Medical Center.  

This was not the 5-feet 8-inch tall, 130-pound teen's first brush with violence. State records state he was a convicted felon arrested twice since age 12 for armed robbery with a gun, once for battery on a public or school employee and once for burglarizing a home.