Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Concealed Carry Customer Draws Weapon And Stops 15 Year old Armed Suspect

"I Heard A Scream, And I Feared The Situation Was Going South"

An unnamed Houston man "Mike" is being called a hero after drawing his 9mm handgun to stop an armed robbery at K&S Seafood Bar & Grill.  He was able to apprehend a 15 year old suspect but his accomplice fled the scene as a few shots were fired, but it looks like no one was hit.

"I carry my gun not because I want to use it, 
but just in case I have to use it"

Koy Sam explained that at one point the suspects had put a gun to his head and hit him as he tried to explain the money was in the front of the store and not in the kitchen area.

As one suspect was held by the armed patron, the other fled, but as he proceeded to the front door turned and pointed his gun towards Mike, compelling him to fire his weapon.