Saturday, January 17, 2015

Woman Finds Out Two Guns Are better Than One In Home Invasion Shootout

Jacksonville Woman Doubles Downs On Home Defense

Jacksonville, Fla. -  Around 12:30 pm there was a knock at the door of a home of an unidentified couple.  The suspect, looking for someone who was not there, forced his way into a home as the resident tried to shut the door and presented a handgun.

"This is a robbery, give it up"

As the suspect put a gun to the head of the male resident he stated his intent and quite clearly  stated "This is a robbery, give it up".

What the suspect might not have known, was that in another part of the house a female occupant heard the commotion and went for a firearm.  And it is reported that in, what some might call a Hollywood moment, dove to the ground as she fired her handgun at the intruder.  

A short gunfight ensued as the suspect shot back while getting hit with rounds.  The female might not of grabbed any extra rounds or mags as it is also reported she went back to a bedroom the acquire a different gun to stay in the fight.

"I'm shot, I'm paralyzed"

The suspect was found inside the home and taken to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds and yelling "I'm shot, I'm paralyzed"  No condition report on the suspect has been made available yet.  The incident report also only tells of the suspect being injured.

I think every household should have a self defense tool, so news stories like this replace stories like I saw on the news last night.


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